Tales of the Incredible Conduit #1

TOTIC_1_Coverby Tony Gray

The legend begins anew as Raymond Cole (otherwise known as The Conduit) is recruited by the government to expand the scope of his search for Jakob Okafoor.

Our hero, The Conduit, is upgraded to unparalleled power levels… but what will become of Raymond Cole, the man?

Coming soon - Lou & Blue

Lou-and-Blue Limited Print

Written by Kenny Hotz

Art by Tony Gray

Lou has never been known for his scruples. But to satisfy his own thirst for adventure would Lou stoop so low as to lie to a child, promising to help reunite him with his family? Yep! To make matters worse, the lost child is an innocent from another time. He's the Blue Boy. Join Lou & Blue as they travel into classic paintings with degenerate, Lou, looking for fun while misleading a naive child.

Tales of the Incredible Conduit #2

TOTIC2_Coverby Tony Gray

The Conduit has left behind that which created him to embrace the full scope of his newly enhanced power levels. His creators at Paravexis Corp., however, want him back! His self-imposed exile is interrupted by a desperate call for help from Maria. The Amorphous-One has returned and his destructive rampage can only be stopped by The Conduit!



Written by Mike Michalski

Dimension Macabre  Art by Dave Watkins, Dismal Key Art by Karl Comendador, Curiostories Art by Tony Gray

Oh, what dark delights await your fiendish, fevered minds in each and every issue! Rarely has such a titanic trio of twisted titles ever been amalgamated into a single offering!



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Tony Gray